Friday, 3 October 2014

Hi there!
I'm busy with a few projects.
I took part in Blackshaw Theatre's new writing night held at The Horse and Stables in Lambeth with a one-act play written by Richard Woulfe and directed by Robert Beck called 'No Going Back'.
It is a humorous take on connecting with former lovers via Facebook and I played Drew.
My wife was read by Andrea Deeley and the ex-lover by Tara Gadomski (Orange is the New Black)
We received some very positive feedback from the audience and Richard plans to write a further piece with the same characters which I would love to do.
Also,I am doing The Cambridge Theatre Challenge again,having done it last year with Sky Blue Theatre Company.
I am performing one of the 10 plays called 'The Proposition' directed by John Mitton.
We perform it on the 24th of October at the LOST Theatre with an additional night on the 25th for the other half of the plays.
The audience votes their favourite.
that's all for now.
Will keep you posted as usual with all my shows!

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