Monday, 24 September 2012

We couldn't film yesterday due to heavy rain so it's been postponed til next week.
Today I have a Print casting in central London,will let you know how it goes.
Last night I was having a conversation with some friends about films I have been close to getting;In the nineties I was up for a lead role in the movie 'Alive' about the group of rugby players who are stranded on the Andes.the casting director,Mike Fenton at Paramount really wanted me for the part and told me to read the book which I did and then I had  a call-back where I met the producers and director. Alas the part went to a name actor.
Onother  film I was supposed to do was 'Il Postino'.I was given the script by the assistant director Stefano Veneruso,who has since become a dear friend and a director in his own right;the part was only a minor one:the policeman,I think.It went on to become Stefano's uncle,the late Massimo Troisi's most successful film.I was working in the family business at the time and didn't go to Italy for the casting.alas.
It is always interesting to note the movie roles that actors have turned down or didn't get and which other actors have made their own.

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